Samsung SGH-S150G Cell Phone User Manual

Section 9: Changing Your Settings
This section includes tips on how to use some of use some of your
phone features, as well as how to change and customize the display
settings, call handling, security settings, and other settings
associated with your phone.
Sound Profile
You can customize various sound profiles for your phone by
changing the sound settings.
From the Idle screen
, press
2. Highlight one of the following sound profiles:
: Customize alerts. Depending on the selected Sound Profile, the
following settings may be available:
: Call Alert Type, Call Ringtone, and Ringtone Volume
: Message Alert Type, Message Alert Tone, Message Alert
Repetition, and Message Tone Volume
: Keypad Tone, Power On/Off, and Phone Sound Volume
: The speaker is muted and the phone only vibrates or displays
information on the LCD.
: The speaker is active and plays the currently selected ringtone
or melody when the associated notification is activated.
: The speaker is active, the volume settings are raised to their
highest levels, the currently active ringtones or melodies are activated,
and the vibrate feature is activated.
3. Press to edit the highlighted profile.