Samsung SGH-S150G Cell Phone User Manual

Browser 55
•Enter URL
: Enter a URL. Press the
softkey. Select
: Select
to access the following options:
: View a list of the web pages that you have visited.
Send URL via Msg
: Send a URL as an attachment to a text message.
: Save an image or a web page to your phone. Select
Web Page
Saved Pages
: View previously saved pages.
Page Details
: View the Title, Address (URL), Size, MIME type, and Last
updated (time and date).
Browser Settings
: Configure the various Browser settings, such as:
Clear Caches, Cookies, Preferences, and About Browser.
Clear Caches
: Remove the phone’s temporary list of the most recently
accessed Web pages.
: Remove the data that is sent by websites to be stored by the
Browser. To remove all cookies, choose
Empty Cookies
. To set the way
the Browser handles cookies, choose
Cookie Options
, and then choose
from Accept All, Reject All, or Prompt (to prompt you to accept or reject
each cookie individually).
Clear Session Storage
: Remove only the caches and cookies that
have been stored since you last opened the Browser.
Indicate whether you want the Browser to Run
JavaScript, Display Images, Play Sound, and/or Run Flash.
Click Save to save your settings.
• About Browser
: Display the version number and other information about
the Browser.