Samsung SGH-S150G Cell Phone User Manual

Applications 57
Section 8: Applications
This section describes the applications included on your handset that
allow you to do a variety of activities.
Games & Apps
Use the Games & Apps menu to connect to your Browser to buy
games, access preloaded games.
From the Idle screen
, press
2. Highlight
Buy Games
and press (
) to begin
purchasing your first application or game.
Tools is a suite of applications that run on your phone. You can use
your phone to schedule events, set reminders, perform calculations,
and more.
The Tools menu provides access to: Voice Services, Alarms,
Calendar, Tasks, Memo, Calculator, Tip Calculator, Converter, World
Clock, Timer, Stopwatch, and SIM App.
From the Idle screen
, press
Tools. The following
submenus display:
Voice Services
: Use Voice Commands and manage Voice Settings.
: Set an alarm to go off once, or daily, at a specified time.
: Enter events and view them by the day, by the week, by the
month, or by event categories.
: Create. view, or modify Task entries.
: Create, view, or modify memos.