Samsung SGH-S150G Cell Phone User Manual

To communicate with answering machines or computerized
telephone systems, the Send Keypad Tone option must be
Switching off the Microphone (Mute)
During a call, you can temporarily switch your phone microphone off
so that the other person cannot hear you.
Press (Mute) to mute the microphone and keep callers
from hearing you. The right softkey then shows
– or –
Press (Unmute) to re-activate the microphone and allow
callers to hear you. The right softkey then shows
Searching for a Number in Address Book
During an active call you can search for a number from the Contacts
1. During an active call, press (Options) and select
2. Highlight the Contact list entry.
– or –
Enter the first few letters of the contact into the Search field to
display, and then select the closest match.
3. With an entry highlighted, press (View) or to view
your selected contact.