Samsung SGH-S150G Cell Phone User Manual

Applications 63
5. Use the keypad to enter the quantity you want to convert.
6. Highlight the field to enter the unit of measure to convert to.
7. Use the Left and Right navigation keys to select the desired
units. The converted quantity displays in the new quantity field.
To include a decimal point, press .
World Clock
World Clock lets you view the time of day or night in another part of
the world. World Clock displays time in the 24 different time zones
around the world.
1. From the Idle screen, press (
Tools World
2. Press (
Add. A world map appears.
3. To display the time zone and city that you want to view, use the
Left and Right navigation keys.
4. Use the Down navigation key to select and activate Daylight
Saving. Press to toggle the option On or Off.
5. Press to keep the current home time zone and return to
To set the Timer:
1. From the Idle screen, press (
Tools Timer.
2. Press (
, enter your time, and press (OK).
3. Press to start, pause, and resume the timer count down.