Samsung SGH-S150G Cell Phone User Manual

Understanding Your Contacts 39
Contact List Entry Options
While in the Contact List with any of the entries highlighted,
press (
to access the following options:
View details about that contact entry.
) soft key to return to the Contact List.
•Add New Contact
Add a new entry to either your Phone or SIM card.
Call a currently selected entry.
Send Message
Send a Text Message/Multimedia Message to the
selected entry.
: Edit the properties of the currently select Contacts entry.
: Delete Contacts entries. Choose from
, or
contacts from the Phone, from the SIM Card, or from both
Send Business Card via
Create a business card for your contact.
Assign Speed Dial
: Assign a speed dial location to the selected contact.
SIM Management
: Manage the Contacts available in the SIM such as:
Copy Contacts to SIM, Copy Contacts from SIM, and Delete Contacts
from SIM.
Adding a New Contact
1. From the Idle screen, enter the number you wish to call and
press (
Save to Contacts New.
2. Select the category type:
Mobile, Private
Mobile, Business
Landline, Private
Landline, Business
, or
3. At the prompt enter the name of the contact in the Name field.