ALCATEL Mobile Phones 875T Cell Phone User Manual

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3 Making a call ...............................................
3.1 Placing a call
Dial the desired number then press the key to place the call. The number you entered can be saved
to Contacts by selecting "Save". If you make a mistake, you may press key to delete the incorrect
digits one by one, or you may press and hold key to delete all.
To hang up the call, press the key.
Making an emergency call
If your phone has network coverage, dial emergency number and press the key to make an emergency
call. This works even without a SIM card and without typing the PIN code.
3.2 Calling your voicemail
Your voicemail is provided by your network to avoid missing calls. It works like an answering machine
that you can consult at any time. To access your voicemail, hold down the key.
If the access number for T-Mobile's voicemail service does not work, dial the number that you were
To use your voicemail service from abroad, contact T-Mobile before leaving.
3.3 Receiving a call
When you receive an incoming call, press the
key to talk and then hang up using the key.
If the icon is displayed, the vibrator is activated and there is no ringtone. If the icon is displayed,
the phone neither rings nor vibrates.
The caller’s number is displayed if it is transmitted by the network (contact T-Mobile to check
service availability).
•To pick up a call, press the key.
•To mute ringtone of current incoming call, press the Right softkey or the Volume key.
•To reject a call, press the key or the Right softkey, or you can press and hold the Volume key. To
reject call with SMS by pressing the Left softkey.
3.4 During a call
During a call, following options are available:
•Mute (Turn the Mute function on/off during a call)
•New call (Hold the current call and dial another number)
•Hold (Hold the current call)