ALCATEL Mobile Phones 875T Cell Phone User Manual

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9.4.2 Java settings
The "Java" menu allows you to manage Java settings, in which you may set Java audio, backlight,
vibration, network and identify how much Heap size is available.
9.4.3 Trusted certificates
View detailed information of the trusted certificates supported by your phone.
Downloading or running applications will not damage or alter any software already in your mobile
telephone designed to support Java™ technology.
TCT Mobile Limited and its affiliates waive any responsibility and refuse to guarantee applications that
are subsequently used, as well as for all applications not embedded in the handset upon purchase.
The purchaser alone bears the risk of loss, damage or defect of the handset, or of applications/software,
and generally of any damage or consequence resulting from the use of the said applications/software. In
the event that the said applications/software, or the subsequent setup of any function are lost due to
technical reasons resulting from the handset being replaced/repaired, the mobile phone owner should
repeat the operation and download or set up again. TCT Mobile Limited and its affiliates grant no
guarantee and disclaim any responsibility if the operation cannot be repeated or cannot be performed
without incurring some cost.
9.4.4 Task manager
View applications in progress.
10 Tools ...................................................
10.1 Alarm
Your mobile phone has a built-in alarm clock with a snooze feature. You can set up to five separate
alarms and choose whether or not the alarm should repeat.
Repeat You may select Once (default)/Every day/Days or Customize to your desire.
Snooze The alarm will repeat at regular intervals.
Mode You may select the mode of Ringtone: Ring only, Vibration, Silence, Vibration
+ melody.
Alarm beep You may choose one melody or FM radio as the alarm ringtone.
10.2 Calculator
Access this feature by selecting "Tools\Calculator" from the main menu.
Enter a number, select the type of operation to be performed using the navigation keys, and enter the
second number, then select "=" to display the result.
Once an operation is complete, you can select the key to clear numbers and carry out a new
To return to the main menu, select "Back".
To return to the Home screen, press the key.