ALCATEL Mobile Phones 875T Cell Phone User Manual

15 16
Music active
MMS receipt in progress
Silence mode: your phone does not ring, beep or vibrate with the exception of the alarm
(see page 55)
SMS/MMS unread
(Flickering) Message list is full: your phone cannot accept any new messages. You must
access the message list and delete at least one message on your SIM card
Airplane mode
2.3 Home screen
2.3.1 Shortcut bar
Shortcuts are home screen icons for your frequently used items, like Calls or Messages.
Status bar
Shortcut bar
You can customize shortcut bar by selecting "Settings\Phone settings\Shortcut bar".
To display a shortcut, press the key. To scroll through the shortcuts to select one, press the
Navigation key right and left.
To add/remove a shortcut, select "Edit shortcuts" and use key to mark shortcuts you need, and
then confirm by pressing "Save".
To reorder shortcuts, select "Reorder shortcuts" and choose one item by pressing key, scroll up
or down to the required position, place it by pressing key.
You aren't allowed to add more than five shortcuts. Two shortcuts cannot be removed: Calls,