ALCATEL Mobile Phones 875T Cell Phone User Manual

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7 Media .....................................................
7.1 Camera
Your mobile phone is fitted with a camera for taking photos and shooting videos that you can use in
different ways:
store them in your "Files\Phone" or "Files\SD card".
send them in a multimedia message (MMS) to a mobile phone or an email address.
send them directly by MMS, Email or Bluetooth.
customize your Home screen (see page 55).
select them as incoming call picture to a contact in your Contacts.
transfer them by data cable or microSD card to your computer.
7.1.1 Access
You can access this feature from the main menu by selecting "Media\Camera".
7.1.2 Camera Take a photo, save or delete
The screen acts as the viewfinder. Position the object or landscape in the viewfinder and press
to take the picture and the picture will be automatically saved. If you don’t want it, you may directly
delete it. Settings in framing mode
Before taking the photo, you can adjust a number of settings:
From the photo shot screen, press "Options" through Left softkey not only to access: "Picture size",
"Capture mode", "Picture quality", "Timer", "Night mode", "Banding", "EV", "White balance",
"Color mode", but also following ones:
Go to
"Files\Phone" or "Files\SD
card" to view the photos you have taken.
Storage You may choose saving location if microSD card is inserted.
Video Access video recording mode.
Restore default Return all settings to default values.
Shutter sound Select to turn on/off sound when taking a picture.
Shutter sound
Capture mode
Picture quality
Flash LED Options available after taking the photo
Once you have taken a photo, you can send your photo by Bluetooth, MMS and Email, assign it to a
contact, set as wallpaper, or go to "Gallery" to view it.
Picture size
Restore default
Night mode
White balance
Color mode