ALCATEL Mobile Phones 875T Cell Phone User Manual

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7.1.3 Video recorder
You can record a video clip of unlimited length, as long as the battery sustains and there is sufficient
memory. Framing mode
When you enter the video function, you are in Framing mode. Use the mobile screen as a viewfinder
and press "Options" for the settings of Video quality, Night mode, Record size, Record audio,
Color mode, EV, Encode format and Storage, to Camera and "Videos". Recording mode
Once you have chosen your settings, you can launch the recording of your video-clip by pressing the
If you receive a call in recording mode, video recording will stop and save automatically. Further operations after shooting a video
After shooting a video, you can choose to send your video by Email, MMS, Bluetooth or go to "Videos"
to view it.
In the list of "Videos", press "Options" to rename the video, send the video, etc.
7.2 Music player
You can access this feature from the main menu by selecting "Media\Music player".
You will have full flexibility of managing music both on your mobile and microSD card.
You can have access to your music files through one of the following:
All songs Contains all songs both on phone and microSD card.
You can simply add your favorite songs to "Favorites " by holding down during
playing music (max 100).
Folders Category of songs in folder.
Music files are categorized by Album, Artist or Genre based on information
stored in the tags. Those missing such information will be classified as "Unknown".
7.2.1 Update songs
Update the information of songs saved in phone or microSD card.