ALCATEL Mobile Phones 875T Cell Phone User Manual

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7.2.2 Music playing mode
- Previous song
(press the Navigation
key (LEFT) key)
- Backward
(press and hold the
Navigation key (LEFT)
Play mode
- Next song
(press the Navigation
key (RIGHT) key)
- Forward
(press and hold the
Navigation key (RIGHT)
To adjust the volume, use the navigation key (UP/DOWN) or volume key (side key).
7.2.3 Settings
Access by pressing the Left softkey for following options:
Play mode Enable you to switch among Normal, Repeat, Repeat all, Shuffle and Repeat
Equalizer Show different music styles preset in the phone.
Display Enable your player to display song information or lyric.
7.3 Picture viewer
A library links to the pictures both in phone and microSD card to be shown in list, slide, sent, set as
wallpaper, and incoming call picture or sent by MMS, Email, and Bluetooth.
Press an picture once to view it in full screen.
7.4 Video player
Contains all video clips both in phone and microSD card and enables you to play, send, delete, rename,
sort, etc.
Streaming URL
This feature enables the user to start watching video almost as soon as it begins downloading from
Useful icons/keys:
/ /
Set as play/pause/resume
Press the Navigation key(LEFT/RIGHT) to set the volume level
Press the Navigation key: Previous/next video
Press and hold the Navigation key: Backward/forward
Back to previous menu or exit
Switch between normal screen and full screen display.