ALCATEL Mobile Phones 875T Cell Phone User Manual

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You may adjust black level with respect to LCD display by using the navigation key.
Screen Allows you to reduce brightness for enhanced battery performance and to save power during
periods of expected inactivity.
11.2.3 Languages
Display language for messages. The "Automatic" option selects the language according to the home
network (if available).
11.2.4 HAC
Activate/Deactivate HAC as needed.
11.2.5 Default browser
You can set MobileLife/WEB as default browser.
11.2.6 Reset web
You can reset web and all relevant data will be lost.
11.2.7 Headset mode
Switch audio play (incoming call, message beep, alarm beep...) between Headset only and Phone
and headset.
11.2.8 Keypad
Numeric keys
By customizing your keys, you can access any function directly from the Home screen.
Combined Fn Keys
You can access functions using qwerty keypad.
11.2.9 Auto lock
You can set your phone auto lock time to 5 secs, 30 secs, 1 min, 5 mins or switch it off.
11.2.10 Input method
In addition to the specific characters table for Cyrillic, Chinese, other data input modes are also
available in your telephone. This feature allows you to write short messages and add names with special
characters to your contacts.
11.2.11 Shortcut bar
From Shortcut bar, you can quickly access the features that you use the most. When activated, pressing
left/right to access application shortcuts one by one. You can choose to display, hide or edit the shortcut
bar (see page 16).
Depending on the language.