ALCATEL Mobile Phones 875T Cell Phone User Manual

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Making the call
Press the key once the name is selected. If several numbers are associated with that name and none
has been set as a default, first choose the required number from the list (Mobile, Home, Work, etc.),
and then press the key to make the call.
5.2 Adding a contact
You can add a new contact to phone or SIM card by selecting "Add new contact".
Following fields are accessible when you create a new contact in the Contacts: First name, Last name,
Picture, Mobile, Home, Work, Email, Birthday, URL, Address, Ringtone.
You can move from one field to another using the navigation key.
If you use your phone abroad, store the numbers in your Contacts in international format "+"
followed by the country code.
5.3 Available options
From the contact list, you can access the following options:
Add new
Add a contact (name, numbers, address, e-mail, etc.) in the Contacts.
Send message Send an SMS/MMS to a contact you selected from Contacts.
View Display details of selected contact
Call Make a call to the selected contact.
Edit Modify the contents of a file: name, number, ringtone, picture, etc.
Delete Delete the selected contact.
Edit before call Edit the phone number before placing a call.
Copy Copy the selected contact to phone, SIM card or File manager.
Send vCard Exchange data via SMS, MMS, Email, Bluetooth.
Groups You can view, send messages to the group you select or you can create, delete
groups as you want.
Send email Send an email to contacts you selected from Contacts.
Move Move to phone or SIM card.