ALCATEL Mobile Phones 875T Cell Phone User Manual

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11.6 Networks settings
Network selection
Select network
•The choice of network connection is left up to the user.
Search mode Network connection can be switched between "Manual" and "Auto".
Service selection
Select communication system service.
GPRS connection
When needed
•GPRS mode active depending on connection requirements.
•GPRS mode continuously active.
GPRS international roaming
GPRS data services can be used while roaming overseas.
11.7 Connectivity
A set of profile settings for messaging (MMS, Email...) and Web connection.
11.8 System update
Select to check for software update.
11.9 Phone information
Select to check software version and update status.
Depending on network availability.
11.10 Text phone
Your phone is compatible with select TTY (Text Teletype) devices that allow people who are deaf, hard
of hearing, or who have speech or language disabilities to communicate by telephone.
1. Touch “Menu\Settings\Text Phone\Mode”.
2. Touch “On” to activate the TTY feature, or “Off ” to deactivate it. Off is the default setting.
You’ll need a cable/adapter to connect the TTY device to your phone’s headset jack. Please check
with the manufacturer of the TTY device to ensure that it is compatible with digital cell phones.
Once TTY is activated, you can select the mode you need.
1. Touch “Menu\Settings\Text Phone\Settings”.
2. Select the desired TTY mode setting.
•TTY Device: select the TTY device to connect.
•TTY HCO (Hearing-Carry-Over): type text on the TTY device and listen to voice replies on your
phone’s speaker.
•TTY VCO (Voice-Carry-Over): speak into your phone and read text replies on the TTY device.
•Manual Connect: search and select the TTY device to connect.
•Auto Connect: auto-connect to the last-connected TTY device when powered up.
Refer to the TTY device guide for mode and usage information.