ALCATEL Mobile Phones 875T Cell Phone User Manual

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7.7 Ebook
A bookshelf contains the electronic books (.txt file only). While reading the book, you may add
bookmark, or reach the text by searching words, phrases (Options\Find, Options\Jump to).
Available options:
Open Open the current book.
Refresh bookshelf Delete cookies from browsing history.
Global settings Set the font, scroll mode, display format, etc.
Book info Display the detailed information (title, size and format) about the book.
Delete Delete the current book.
Delete all Delete all books.
Sort Sort the books by name, type, time or size.
Apply global
Select to apply global settings.
Help List all hotkeys.
To avoid character corruption, please ensure that the encoding format is correct (Global
settings or Settings\Encoding format).
7.8 Files
You will have access to all audio and visual files stored in phone or microSD card in File manager.
7.8.1 Phone
An entry to access all files in all folders stored in phone. Audio
Choose an audio for an incoming call ringtone, a message alert beep, power on/off ringtone, incoming
call ringtone, etc.
The "Audios" album contains the following folders
Music: full track music.
Melodies: melodies that can be set as ringtone.
Recorded: all recorded sounds.
DRM: Digital Rights Management feature allows sounds and pictures to be played while
protecting the associated copyright. DRM counter-based files and files with expired rights will
not be automatically played when scrolling the list. Pictures
You can select a picture or a photo as wallpaper, or assign it as incoming call picture.
The picture will be displayed in alphabetical order. Videos
"Videos" album contains video clips recorded, received or downloaded. Ebook
A bookshelf containing the electronic books (.txt files only).
The embedded folder names cannot be modified. However, in certain cases, you can modify, delete and add items
included in these folders.