ALCATEL Mobile Phones 875T Cell Phone User Manual

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2.2 Status bar icons
Battery charge level
Vibrate alert: your phone vibrates, but does not ring or
beep with the exception of the alarm (see page 55)
Bluetooth status (Activated)
Bluetooth status (Connected to an audio device)
Java status (Activated)
Headset connected
Call forwarding activated: your calls are forwarded
(see page 59)
Alarm or appointments programmed (see page 50, 51)
Level of network reception
Voicemail message arrived
Missed calls
Call in progress
Stopwatch is active
Radio is on
Email unread
WAP messages
microSD card scanning completed
GPRS attached
GPRS PDP activated
EDGE PDP activated
EDGE attached
3G PDP activated
3G attached
The icons and illustrations in this guide are provided for informational purposes only.