ALCATEL Mobile Phones 875T Cell Phone User Manual

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10.3 Calendar
Once you enter this menu from the main menu, there is a monthly-view calendar for you to keep track
of important meetings, appointments, etc. Days with events entered will be marked in color.
Available options:
See today’s appointments.
All appointments See all the created appointments.
Jump to date Input the required date and it will be immediately highlighted.
Go to today Focus on today's date.
Create new
Create an appointment.
Settings Set the first day of the week and the first week of the year.
10.4 Tasks
Enables you to easily manage and track the progress of a task with priorities. All the tasks will be sorted
by due date.
Available options:
View View current task
Create Add new task
Delete Delete the current task
Select as done/Select
as not done
Change task’s status
10.5 Notes
You can create a note in text format by accessing "Tools\Notes" from the main menu.
Available options:
New note Add new text note.
Delete Delete note.
Rename Rename the note.
Delete all Delete all notes.
Send Send note by SMS/MMS/Email/Bluetooth.
Edit Edit the note
Select Select notes to do further options.
10.6 Bluetooth
Access this feature by pressing "Menu" through Left softkey from the Home screen to enter the main
menu, then selecting "Tools\Bluetooth".
To use your phone with a Bluetooth device, you need to proceed in two steps:
•Pair and register the device to your phone,
•Select it to use hands-free communication. Only one Bluetooth audio device (your Bluetooth headset
or your Bluetooth car kit) can be connected during the communication.