ALCATEL Mobile Phones 875T Cell Phone User Manual

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4.3.7 Available options
View Select to enter the menu.
Refresh this account To connect the email server in order to receive mails.
Refresh all accounts To connect all email accounts' server in order to receive mails.
New email To create a new email.
Settings To edit the detailed configuration information of the selected account.
Delete account To delete the current selected account.
New account To create a new email account.
Signature To attach your signature when sending emails.
Select storage Select email to store in phone or microSD card.
5 Contacts ...............................................
5.1 Contacts
You can access to this function by selecting "Contacts" from the main menu.
Contacts stored in phone
Contacts stored in SIM card
Searching for a contact
You can search for a contact by inputting the initial of their name. Subsequent letters may be added
to refine the search.
Viewing a contact
Select a name from your contacts to read the contact information.