ALCATEL Mobile Phones 875T Cell Phone User Manual

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When I select a number from my contacts, the number cannot be dialed
Make sure that you have correctly recorded the number in your file
Make sure that you have selected the country prefix when calling a foreign country
I am unable to add a contact in my contacts
Make sure that your SIM card contacts are not full; delete some files or save the files in the phone
contacts (i.e. your professional or personal directories)
My callers are unable to leave messages on my voicemail
Contact T-Mobile to check service availability
I cannot access my voicemail
Make sure T-Mobile's voicemail number is correctly entered in "My numbers"
Try later if the network is busy
I am unable to send and receive MMS
Check your phone memory availability as it might be full
Contact T-Mobile to check service availability and check MMS parameters (see page 24)
Verify the server center number or your MMS profile with T-Mobile
The server center may be swamped, try again later
The flickering icon is displayed on my standby screen
You have saved too many short messages on your SIM card; delete some of them or archive them in the
phone memory
SIM card PIN locked
Contact T-Mobile to obtain the PUK code (Personal Unblocking Key)
I am unable to download new files
Make sure there is sufficient phone memory for your download
Select the microSD card as the location to store downloaded files
Check your subscription status with T-Mobile
The phone cannot be detected by others via Bluetooth
Make sure that Bluetooth is turned on and your phone is visible to other users (see page 53)
Make sure that the two phones are within Bluetooth’s detection range
How to make your battery last longer
Make sure you follow the complete charge time (minimum 3 hours)
After a partial charge, the battery level indicator may not be exact. Wait for at least 20 minutes after
removing the charger to obtain an exact indication
Switch on the backlight upon request
Extend the email auto-check interval for as long as possible
Update news and weather information on manual demand, or increase their auto-check interval
Exit background-running Java applications if they are not being used for a long time
Deactivate Bluetooth when not in use
Approved Firmware Versions
This device will only operate with firmware versions that have been approved for use by T-Mobile and the
device manufacturer. If unauthorized firmware is placed on the device it will not function.