ALCATEL Mobile Phones 875T Cell Phone User Manual

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Installing or removing the battery
Insert and click the battery into place, then close the telephone cover. Unclip the cover, then remove
the battery.
Charging the battery
Connect the battery charger to your phone and outlet respectively.
LED light will be on when it is charging, and be off when battery is fully charged.
Charging may take about 20 seconds to start if the battery is flat.
Be careful not to force the plug into the socket.
Make sure the battery is correctly inserted before connecting the charger.
The outlet must be near to the phone and easily accessible (avoid electric extension cables).
1 Getting started ..........................................
1.1 Set-up
Removing or installing the back cover
Inserting or removing the SIM card
You must insert your SIM card to make phone calls. Please power off your phone and remove battery
before inserting or removing the SIM card.
Place the SIM card with the chip facing downwards and slide it into its housing. Make sure that it is
correctly inserted. To remove the card, press and slide it out.
Check with T-Mobile to make sure that your SIM card is 3V or 1.8V compatible. The old 5 Volt cards can no
longer be used. Please contact T-Mobile.