ALCATEL Mobile Phones 875T Cell Phone User Manual

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11 Settings ..............................................
From the main menu, select the menu icon and select the function of your choice in order to
customize your telephone.
11.1 Profiles
With this menu, you may personalize ringtones for different events and environments.
11.1.1 General
To modify the sound settings, press "Options\Customize" and you will see the functions below
using the navigation key:
Profile mode You may set your phone ringtone to Ring only, Discreet (ring with beep), Vibration
(all sounds are replaced by vibrations except for alarms), Vibration + Melody,
Vibration then Melody, Beep then vibration, Silence (no sounds except for alarms,
the icon will be displayed).
Ringtone Select a melody from the list by scolling up/down.
Ring type Select the type for ringtone.
Volume Adjust the volume by the Navigation key.
Key beep Select silence or the type of keybeep.
Message beep Select a melody for a new incoming message.
Slide tone Select to turn on/off slide tone.
11.1.2 Meeting
When this is selected the phone will not ring or beep unless an alarm has been set. A new event will
cause it to vibrate.
11.1.3 Outdoor
It is a profile designed for outdoor users who require louder ringtones.
11.1.4 Indoor
Ringtone/beep volume will be slightly lower than General mode volume.
11.1.5 Silence
This profile will turn off all ringtones, even notification sounds.
11.2 Phone settings
11.2.1 Clock
Allows you to have settings of home city, date and time, including 12/24h format.
You can also set the daylight saving adjustment and activate auto update if needed.
11.2.2 Display
The wallpaper is displayed when you switch on your telephone.
By selecting "Wallpaper" you can customize it by replacing the default picture or animation displayed
on your telephone.
This function enables you to customize the colours of your telephone.