ALCATEL Mobile Phones 875T Cell Phone User Manual

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•End (End the current call)
•Contacts (Enter Contacts)
•Messaging (Enter Message)
•Calendar (Enter Calendar)
•Services (Enter Service)
•Sound recorder (record your current call)
•MobileLife (Enter MobileLife)
You can switch the audio speech from handset to Bluetooth device when connected.
You can use Speaker function by pressing Right softkey during a call.
You may also adjust sound level by using Navigation key directly during a call.
Move the handset away from your ear while using the "Speaker" option because the amplified
volume might cause hearing damage.
Handling two calls
•Answering a second call (ensure that "Call waiting" is activated, see page 59).
•To call a second party during a call, you can select "Options\New call".
3.5 Conference calls
Your phone allows you to talk to several people at the same time (up to five). If you are on a double
call, press "Options" and select "Conference". If a third call comes in, answer it by pressing the
and speak with your new caller.
This caller becomes a member of the conference if you press "Options" and select "Conference
call". Pressing disconnects the current call.
4 Messaging .............................................
You can create, edit and receive SMS/MMS, Email with this mobile phone.
MMS enables you to send video clips, pictures, photos, animations and sounds to other compatible
mobiles and e-mail addresses.
The MMS function can only be used if the service is provided by T-Mobile, and if your
contract includes the MMS option and if all the parameters for MMS have been entered
(see page 24).
4.1 Access
You may access this menu using the following options:
•Access from the main menu by selecting "Messaging".
•Select from shortcut bar, and then enter the sub-menu you require.
When you access "Messaging", you can switch between SMS/MMS and Email by navigation key.
4.2.1 Conversational On (Off) mode
In conversational on mode, you can view chat history in chronological order. In conversational off
mode, you may have access to the following folders: Inbox, Outbox, Sent, Drafts, Voicemail, Empty
folder, Archive, Templates, Emergency alerts and Settings. Conversational view mode is set
as default. You may switch to conventional mode by selecting "Settings\Switch view mode". The
following instructions are based on conversational mode.