ALCATEL Mobile Phones 875T Cell Phone User Manual

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This feature stores all the photos captured by your mobile phone. Downloads
This feature stores all downloaded files.
7.8.2 SD card
You can access all files stored in the microSD card here.
When a microSD card is inserted for the first time, it will be scanned and the default folders
will be created.
Inserting the microSD card:
Insert the microSD card with golden contact facing downwards into the slot until it is locked. Gently
push the memory card until it is unlocked.
Available options:
Create folder Create more folders.
Empty folder Remove folders.
Rename Edit folder’s name.
Open Open the folder
Delete Delete the folder
Sort Sort folders
Details Check details of the folder
7.8.3 Managing audios, pictures, videos and others
According to the item chosen, you can access some of the functions below:
Send the audio/pictures/video/Java.
Delete Delete the audio/pictures/video selected (not applicable for embedded items).
Set as Pictureàwallpaper, assign it to a contact.
Soundàringtone, message beep, assign it to a contact.
Select Mark/Unmark a tick on a file for further operation. Press Left softkey to mark all diretly.
Download Download new items.
Rename Rename the audio/picture/video.
Sort Sort the files by name, type, time and size.
Move Move a file from the phone memory to the microSD card and vice-versa.
Properties Display part of the ID3 Tag content of an MP3 file.
Activate DRM file option.
Copy Copy a file to the phone memory or the microSD card.
Delete all Delete all the files except the embedded ones.
Details View details of the file.
Files marked with cannot be sent.