ALCATEL Mobile Phones 875T Cell Phone User Manual

23 24 Settings
Text messages
Profile settings Profiles can be retrieved directly from SIM card.
Alternatively, you can create your own profile.
Delivery report: request for acknowledgement of delivery report On/Off;
Reply path: show reply path; Save sent messages: save all your sent messages.
Enables the definition of SMS data coding for management SMS sending.
Memory status Show memory used on the phone and SIM card.
Preferred storage Select default message storage, SIM or phone.
Multimedia messages
Data account Select your data account for multimedia messages.
Common settings
Edit Set slide timing, edit mode, picture resize, signature, etc.
Send Set the values for validity period, Read report, etc.
Retrieve Set the values for Home network, Roaming network, etc.
Prefered storage Select default MMS storage, phone or SD card.
Memory status Show memory used on the phone or SD card.
Service messages
Enable push Enable/Disable to accept all or trusted push messages.
Enable service
Enable/Disable service loading.
Enable white list Enable/Disable white list.
Enable black list Enable/Disable black list.
White list Edit the white list.
Black list Edit the black list.