Alliance Laundry Systems CI 2050/325 Cell Phone User Manual

Warranty and service instructions
The manufacturer undertakes to replace defective parts resulting from faulty design, materials or
workmanship for a period not exceeding 12 months from contractual delivery time, or max. 2,500
operating hours. The warranty is only valid if the product is correctly installed and maintained in
accordance with the manufacturer's instruction and common practice. No warranty claim can be made
as a result of inappropriate operation, improper use, and use of force.
The manufacturer's warranty does not include damage that is due to insufcient maintenance, changes
or repair made without the written consent of the manufacturer, normal wear or defects due to war,
strike, lockout, and other force majeure or political conditions, which the manufacturer cannot control.
The same applies to damage to products, which are not supplied by the manufacturer or a construction
ordered by the buyer.
Wearing parts such as transport belts, drive belts or similar are not included in the warranty.
The manufacturer is not liable for production losses due to machine malfunctions.
Faulty parts will be replaced by the manufacturer upon receipt of the faulty components.
Transport costs to the manufacturer and back to the buyer, transport insurance and installation costs
are for the buyer's account.