Alliance Laundry Systems CI 2050/325 Cell Phone User Manual

Filter gas mixture
Check lter on dust. Clean if dirty.
Frame right side
This space has to be cleaned every month (also gas-heated ironers).
Vapour exhaust beam
As a result of the laundry being ironed, dust will remain in the machine. This dust accumulates at a
certain number of places. One place is the vapour exhaust beam on top of the machine.
By removing the left door of the machine, you can see the vapour exhaust beam. Shine with an electric
torch through the hole at the left on top of the left side frame. Here, you can see the internal pollution of
the vapour exhaust beam.
If this is seriously polluted, you can open the top and clean it.
If the inside of the beam is clean, it will not
guarantee that the bottom and the outside of the
vapour exhaust beam are clean. Therefore, open
the top and check it each month thoroughly.