Alliance Laundry Systems CI 2050/325 Cell Phone User Manual

Safety signs and labels are also placed on the unit. Those signs and labels are limited messages.
Where needed, further explanations are provided below. These signs are to be inspected for readability and
replaced when missing, damaged, or unreadable. Refer to the Maintenance section of this manual for the
periodic maintenance schedule. Refer to the parts manual for ordering information.
Electric hazard inside.
Can cause death or serious injury.
Turn off and lock out/tag out all electric power
before opening.
Moving parts hazard.
Can cause serious injury.
Do not operate unless all guards and covers are
in place.
Do not put hands/ngers beyond guard/cover.
Burn hazards.
Contact with machine components or hot goods
can burn you.
Do not operate unless all guards are in place.
Use care when handling recently processed or
dried goods.