Alliance Laundry Systems CI 2050/325 Cell Phone User Manual

Product description
The machine, described in this manual is solely intended to use it for ironing of
sheets, small pieces of linen, pillowcases, table linen and other at linen.
It is not suitable for garments or other thick linen.
Intended use
Any other use of the machine may involve risks to persons
and must therefore only take place after previously
obtained written approval from the manufacturer.
Equipment and components on the machine, which are important to safety and
health, have been constructed in preparation for an expected life of 15,000 operating
hours - however max. 10 years from the time of manufacture.
The correct function of such equipment and components
within this period implies that the prescribed maintenance
is carried out.
Normally the ironed pieces are coming into the outlet tray after ironing, where the
operator can take them without any danger.
It may involve risk of burning to the operator when taking
the sheets directly from the roll, deeper into the machine
at the outlet tray. Jams should always be taken away by
authorized personnel.
The normal, permanent working places of the operating personnel (operator) have
been marked on the layout.
It may involve risk to the operator to work on or under
the machine. Work Stay in these areas is only allowed for
authorized personnel, and only when the machine has been
stopped, cooled down and the main switch has been locked
in position "0".
This manual is a part of the delivered machine volume, and is to be handed
over to the new owner if the machine is sold.
If any doubt should occur about the contents in the manuals in your local
language, which you should have received at the time the machine was rst
installed, it will always be the English text, which is valid.