Alliance Laundry Systems CI 2050/325 Cell Phone User Manual

Tightening the ironing belts
The ironing belts ensure the contact of the sheet with the ironing roller. These ironing belts will extend and
will become thinner in course of time. Therefore, it is important to tighten the ironing belts in time, in order
to remain the ironing effectivity of the machine.
The ironing belts are tensioned by means of springs. There is a spring on each side of the machine
(see S on the picture below).
A bolt with a nut is fastened to this spring. The position of the nut on the bolt determines the spring
force of the tensioner. The further you screw the nut on the bolt, the tauter the spring is pulled. It is
important that the spring remains tensioned permanently. This means that the nut may not come loose
from the clamping plate while the machine is running. Check the spring tension each month and adjust if