Alliance Laundry Systems CI 2050/325 Cell Phone User Manual

Electrical installation
The customer must install a circuit breaker for each machine.
Compare the type of network and its voltage with the data mentioned on the machine and pay attention
to the instructions. For the connection, regulations according to VDE 0100 as well as the local valid
regulations of the energy providing premises are to be taken into consideration.
It is very important to have the electric connections done by a qualied technician, in order to make sure
that the installation is effected in accordance with the prevailing standards and instructions and the valid
instructions where the machine is to be installed.
Make sure that the voltage, which is to be connected, corresponds to the voltage mentioned on the
indication plate of the ironer inside the righthanded frame. The selected network connection cannot
be less powerful than the H07RNF according to the VDE 0282 and should have a minimum diameter,
which corresponds to the nominal electric power mentioned on the ironer.
Each machine must have a main switch. With this main switch, it is possible to cut the electrical
equipment from the mains, also by persons who have not been trained in the eld of electrotechnics.
This is necessary for cleaning, maintenance and reparation activities, both for the machine itself and for
the corresponding electrical equipment. In the guidance from the feeding to the electrical equipment, the
main switch is always behind the proper mains connection.
The main switch can also be applied in the supply guidance separately. It needs to be placed very close
to the machine so that there cannot be misunderstandings that the switch belongs to the machine.
When there are two or more main switches, there may not exist a dangerous situation when not all
the main switches are disconnected at the same time. For each main switch, there must be a warning,
which says that there is more than one feeding. If the main switches are placed far from each other
(not usual and not recommended), a supply will have to be made which separates the main switches by
disconnecting one of them. The control of this supply is in fact a safety-related control which applies
EN 954-1. In practice, the supply will often be executed in category 1 (EN 954-1) with bipolar contacts.
Overview circuit breakers and wire section feeding cable per machine
Circuit breaker size Cable section Fuse
CI325 gas 25A 1,5mm² 16A
CI325 elec 3x230V 80A 16mm² 63A
CI325 elec 3x400V 63A 6mm² 40A