Alliance Laundry Systems CI 2050/325 Cell Phone User Manual

Basic checks
The rst start-up of the machine should only be performed by an authorized
service engineer or a distributor.
In special cases, it may be allowed that the rst start-up is performed by the
customer, but only after thorough instruction.
If the rst start-up is performed on one's own
initiative, this may cause damage to persons,
things, or environment.
- Check if all safety guards with interlocking device are closed, and that all emergency stop devices
have been deactivated.
- Start the machine.
All machines have been tested and adjusted from the factory. However, factors such as temperatures,
moisture of the atmosphere etc. may imply that an adjustment is necessary at the set-up place.
Ventilation of the room
The machine is tted with a ventilator. This ventilator ensures vaporized moisture, and with a gas-
heated ironer the ue gases, being exhausted.
It is important that the room, in which the ironer has been installed, is sufciently ventilated. You have
to take the universal rules for laundry environments into account together with the fact that the ironer
exhausts 350 m³/h. It is also important that sufcient fresh air can enter the room.
Check this before you start the machine!