Alliance Laundry Systems CI 2050/325 Cell Phone User Manual

Return button
(not with guiding ribbons)
In case a piece is xated inside the ironer, it is possible to let the feeding belts and the main roll with
the belts turn backwards by pressing the return button continuously. It is necessary to pull the
linen tightly backwards when doing so. After having released this button, press the start button again,
otherwise the ironing process will be ended.
Do not use this button when the linen has already
completely disappeared from the feeding belts into the
ironer. This could cause a jam inside the ironer and damage
the linen and/or the ironer.
Now it is possible to start ironing as the temperature is high enough.
Put the linen as at as possible on the feeding belts in order to avoid creasing.
The linen will be carried on into the ironer by the feeding belts.
Always spread open the linen by hand as at as possible and make sure that it does not get stuck
The ironing process is stopped by pressing the start button.
The heating is switched off. However, in order not to get overheated, the feeding* and ironing belts,
as well as the fan keep running until the cooldown temperature has been reached.
(*) With a coin ironer, the feeding belts are not running.
The speed and “ ” are alternately displayed on the right display during this cooldown period.
After the cooldown temperature is reached, the drive and the ventilator are switched off.