Alliance Laundry Systems CI 2050/325 Cell Phone User Manual

Machine function, adjustment and troubleshooting
Description of machine functions
General description of machine function
The ironer is intended to iron and dry sheets and towels. This happens by means of a heated roller,
across which the sheet is transported. The roller heats the sheet, which evaporates the residual moisture
in the sheet. After that, the sheet leaves the machine where a plate collects the sheet.
The sheet can now be taken away.
Feeding sheets and towels
The sheets have to be laid on the feeding belts in a level way. The sheet is taken into the machine
because of the running belts.
If the sheet does not cover the entire width of the feeding belts, you have to feed the sheet at the right
or left side alternately. This improves the effective function of the machine and prevents the ironing roller
from locally becoming too hot.
If a sheet that is too thick or creased, is fed, the plate above the feeding belts will be pressed in. This will
stop the machine in order to prevent the machine from being jammed. The sheet has to be laid properly
before you can start the machine with the start button. If this is not possible, you let the machine run
backwards so that the sheet comes out of the machine. This can be done by means of the control or with
the optional handle.
A sheet being too long in the machine can burn.
Firmly deal with this matter and remove the sheet
in time.