Alliance Laundry Systems CI 2050/325 Cell Phone User Manual

Manual drive
The machine can be driven by means of the optional manual drive with manpower. This can be useful
after a voltage drop. If, during the voltage drop, a sheet is in the machine, it could catch re. If you use
the manual drive in this case, it is possible to let the sheet come out of the machine.
If the manual drive has to be used, you need the handle, which can be found at the front machine beam
underneath the collecting plate (see 1 on the picture below).
This handle can be coupled to the motor of the machine by turning the lid (3) to the left so that a hole
becomes visible. Put the handle in this hole and turn the handle in such a way that it meshes in the bush,
which is behind the lid.
The handle is now in position 2. You can now drive the machine by turning the handle either forward or
The machine can be started with the emergency unlocking button and the start button (if it’s live again) by
closing the lid (3) (turn to the right).
Put the handle back in its original position (1), so you can always nd it when you need it.