Alliance Laundry Systems CI 2050/325 Cell Phone User Manual

Setting the speed
The speed of the ironing roller is shown on the right display (8) of the control panel.
The speed of the ironing roller can be set on the control panel. This can vary between 1.4 m/min and
6 m/min and is adjustable per 0.1 m/min. The range of the speed setting can be changed in the technical
menu of the machine.
The speed can be changed as follows:
Press the “+“ key (4) to enter the speed
window (8). With the “+” (4) and “–“ (5) key,
you can set the speed.
Press the ↓ key (6) to leave the menu.
The speed has to be set in combination with the temperature. The speed is set correctly if the sheet
leaves the machine dry and the heating device is able to remain the wanted temperature.
Take into account that it takes some time for the heating control to create a stable working point of the