Alliance Laundry Systems CI 2050/325 Cell Phone User Manual

Setting the temperature
The ironing temperature of the machine can be set on the control panel. Standard, this can vary between
130 and 175°C and is adjustable per degree. The range of the temperature setting can be changed in the
technical menu of the machine. This is shown on the left window of the control panel (see 7 on the picture
Always watch the temperature setting when
different sorts of textile are being processed.
The temperature may not be too high, otherwise
the textile could catch re.
The temperature can be changed as follows:
Press the “–“ key (5) to enter the temperature
window (7). With the “+” (4) and “–“ (5) key, you can
set the temperature. Press the ↓ key (6) to leave
the menu.
If you have set a new temperature that is lower than the actual ironing
roller temperature of the machine, you have to take into account that it may
take some time before the ironing roller has cooled down to the lower (set)
At the rst start up of the ironer, set the ironing
temperature to max. 160°C. When start ironing,
increase the temperature to the desired level.