Alliance Laundry Systems CI 2050/325 Cell Phone User Manual

Gas tube installation
- It is important to have the connections performed by an authorized mechanic in order
to be sure that the installation corresponds to the current rules and guidelines of the
country where the ironer will be installed.
- The gas supply pipe must be tted with a stop valve, which is easily to reach.
- The ironer must be connected to the type of gas, which is stated on the apparatus.
The inlet gas pressure must correspond to the specication on the type plate, as well.
- Using a gas pipe that is too small can lead to insufcient gas supply, which results in a
poor heating and a poor ironing result.
Test all clutches and connections for possible
leaks by means of a soap solution. NEVER by
means of a ame.
- The customer must install a lter and a manual stop valve on the supply side of the machine.
- Gas installation and connection must be done by qualied personnel only.
Gas supply DN16
(1/2" BSP)