Alliance Laundry Systems CI 2050/325 Cell Phone User Manual

Transport and machine
The machine has been secured with bolts on a solid wooden frame and has been
safely packed in plastic sheeting from the factory.
Initial setup of the machine
During all transport and handling of the machine, there is a risk of the
machine tipping over or falling over onto persons. In order to avoid
accidents, the following should therefore be observed:
During transport and handling with a fork-lift truck, the forks should be
situated proportional to the center of gravity as shown below and on the
packing of the machine.
Never use lifting and hoisting material with a too small lifting capacity.
See paragraph 'Technical data' concerning the weight of the machine.
The max. weight of the machine including packing is stated on the packing
of the machine.
Never move the machine on inclined or uneven surfaces.
We recommend to let the wooden frame remain bolted for the use of
transport with fork-lift truck, until the machine is near the place of setting up.