Alliance Laundry Systems CI 2050/325 Cell Phone User Manual

Tightening the drive chain
A chain drives the machine. In the course of time, this chain will extend. It is important that the chain’s
tension is checked every month. You can check the chain’s tension by moving the left part of the chain,
at half-height, to the left and the right.
The total motion of freedom of the chain may horizontally not be more than 30mm. If it is more than
30mm, you have to tighten the chain. This can be done by slackening the four bolts B (see B on the
picture below) a few turns. By doing so, the motor becomes loose and it will move downwards.
If the motor is not moving downwards by itself, you can do this by hand. After that, screw the four bolts B
again. Check the chain tension once again. Repeat the procedure, if necessary.
Never tighten the chain too much.
Only do this when the machine has been
stopped, cooled down and the main switch has
been locked in position "0".