Alliance Laundry Systems CI 2050/325 Cell Phone User Manual

Check each half year the surface quality of the runners (W). If you do not check this, it can inuence the
ironing roller (S) in a negative way.
Remove debris.
The runners can be dismounted if the ironing roller is not resting upon the runners. A tool is available,
which can lift the ironer roller. This tool (A) can be ordered with your IPSO dealer.
The two small screening plates underneath the machine (1 on the left and 1 on the right) have to be taken
Then you have to mount the "ironing lifting plates“ (A) on both sides with 2 bolts (B), which have to be
tightened manually. Also the two bolts (C) have to be mounted. These bolts (C) have to be tightened in
such a way that the lifting plate (A) supports the roller evenly.
To prevent that the ironing roller (S) is lifted too high and so would damage internal components,
you have to determine the position of the lifting plates (A) if they just touch the roller. If so, measure (L).
The plate may not be screwed up more than 5mm (for the 8 bolts, it means not more than 4 turns from
the moment, the plate just touches the ironing roller).
The ironing roller is now lifted by the plates. The runners can be removed.
The runners are tted with M12 bolts (D).
By removing these bolts, the runners become free and can be taken out.
Mount the runners in reverse order.
Feeding belts
The tension of the feeding belts has to be increased if the belts are not driven properly.
Exchanging the belts:
- Slacken the belts (see page 40).
- Turn the belt by hand in such a way that the connector is in front of you.
- Then pull the pin out of the belt and hold both ends of the belt.
- Now connect the new belt to the old belt by putting back the pin in the connector.
- By pulling the free end of the old belt, the new belt will be pulled through the machine.
- If the pin is in front of you again, you disconnect the old belt from the new belt and connect both ends of
the new belt.
- Do this for all belts and then tension the feeding belts (see page 40).