Alliance Laundry Systems CI 2050/325 Cell Phone User Manual

Subplating dust accumulation
As a result of the laundry being ironed, dust will remain in the machine. This dust accumulates at a
certain number of places. One place is the subplating on the machine.
The plating has to be removed each month to wipe away the dust. Loosen the bolts, which fasten the
three parts of the subplating.
The easiest way is to loosen the bolts on one side (front/back) a few turns and to remove the other side
completely. The plates can now be pulled out from the remaining bolts. Placing back the bottom cover is
simplied by doing this. Clean the plates and place them back in the machine. The slot holes in the sub-
plating have to be positioned on the inlet and outlet of the machine.
Opening the top: unscrew bolts on the left and right side before opening the top.