LG Electronics -P509 Cell Phone User Manual

White balance – The white balance ensures any the
white areas in your video are realistic. To enable your
camera to adjust the white balance correctly, you
may need to determine the light conditions. Choose
from Auto, Incandescent, Sunny, Fluorescent, and
Color effect – Choose a color tone to use for
your new view. Choose from Off, Mono, Negative,
Solarize, Sepia, Negative Sepia, or Blue.
Duration – Set a duration limit for your video.
Choose between Normal and MMS to limit the
maximum size to send as an MMS message. If you
set as MMS , you can record 300k video. Also you
can choose QVGA and QCIF only in this mode.
Video quality – Choose from Super fine, and
Audio recording – Choose Mute to record a video
without sound.
Auto review – If you set Auto review on, the
video camera will automatically display the video
immediately after recording it.
Reset – Reset all the video camera settings.
– Touch whenever you want to know how this
function operates. This provides you with a quick