LG Electronics -P509 Cell Phone User Manual

explosion, leakage or other hazard.
Promptly dispose of used batteries in
accordance with local regulations.
Battery usage by children should be supervised.
Avoid dropping the phone or battery. If the
phone or battery is dropped, especially on a hard
surface, and the user suspects damage, take it
to a service center for inspection.
Improper battery use may result in a fire,
explosion or other hazard.
For those host devices that utilize a USB port
as a charging source, the host device’s user
manual shall include a statement that the phone
shall only be connected to products that bear
the USB-IF logo or have completed the USB-IF
compliance program.
Charger and Adapter Safety
The charger and adapter are intended for indoor
use only.
Insert the battery pack charger vertically into the
wall power socket.
Unplug the power cord and charger during
lightning storms to avoid electric shock or fire.
Use the correct adapter for your phone when
using the battery pack charger abroad.