LG Electronics -P509 Cell Phone User Manual

88 LG-P509 | User Guide
Composing and Sending Email
To compose and send a message
While in the Email application, press the Menu
Key and touch Compose.
Enter an address for the message’s intended
recipient. As you enter text, matching addresses
are offered from your Contacts. Separate multiple
addresses with commas.
Press the Menu Key and touch Add Cc/Bcc
to copy other contacts/email addresses to the
Compose your message.
Press the Menu Key and touch Add attachment
to send a photo
pictures, videos, audio and
other files.
Touch Send.
If you’re not ready to send the message, touch
Save as draft to save it in a Drafts folder. Touch
a draft message in a Drafts folder to resume
working on it. Your message will also be saved
as a draft if you touch the Back Key before
sending it. Touch Discard to abandon and delete
a message, including any saved drafts. If you
aren’t connected to a network, for example, if
you’re working in airplane mode, the messages
that you send are stored in your Drafts folder