LG Electronics -P509 Cell Phone User Manual

Important notice
12 LG-P509 | User Guide
WARNING: To protect your phone and
personal data, download applications only from
trusted sources, such as Android Market™. If
some applications are not properly installed on
your phone, your phone may not work normally or
a serious error can be occurred. You will need to
uninstall those applications and all of its data and
settings from the phone.
4. Using Unlock pattern
Set unlock pattern to secure your phone. Opens
a set of screens that guide you through drawing a
screen unlock pattern.
WARNING: Take precautions when using
the Unlock pattern. It is very important that you
remember the unlock pattern you set. You are
allowed 5 attempts to enter the Unlock pattern.
If you used up all 5 opportunities, you will have to
wait 30 seconds to attempt unlocking again.
When you can’t recall your Unlock pattern, PIN,
or Password:
If you logged into your Google account on the
phone and failed to use the correct pattern 5 times,
touch the Forgot pattern button. Then, you are