LG Electronics -P509 Cell Phone User Manual

dial your voicemail box, and network disconnect
notifications open the list of configured networks
so you can reconnect.
To clear all notifications
Open the Notifications panel.
Touch Clear at the top right of the panel.
All event-based notifications will be cleared;
ongoing notifications will remain in the list.
To close the notifications panel
Touch and drag the tab at the bottom of the
Notifications panel to the top of the screen or just
touch the Back Key . The panel will also close
when you touch a notification.
Searching Your Phone and the Web
You can search for information on your phone
and on the web by using the Quick Search Box or
Google search. Some applications, such as Gmail,
Contacts, and Browser have the ability to search
contents within those specific applications.
Along with being able to search by typing in search
terms, you are also able to search by voice.