LG Electronics -P509 Cell Phone User Manual

required to sign in with your Google account and
prompted to create a new unlock pattern.
If you haven’t created a Google account on the
phone or you forgot it, you need to perform a Hard
Caution: If you perform a Hard Reset, all user
applications and user data will be deleted. Please
remember to back up any important data before
performing a Hard Reset.
Turn the power off.
Press and hold the following keys at the same
time for 10 seconds: Power Key + Home Key +
Down Volume Key.
When the power turns on, release these keys.
5. Using Hard Reset
* Using Hard Reset (Factory Reset)
If it does not restore to the original condition, use
Hard Reset to initialize your phone.
If the user turns on the phone by pressing and
holding the Power Key + Home Key + Down
Volume Key at the same time (for 10 seconds), the
phone will turn on and perform the factory reset