LG Electronics -P509 Cell Phone User Manual

General Notice
An emergency call can be made only within a
service area. For an emergency call, make sure
that you are within a service area and that the
phone is turned on.
Do not place items containing magnetic
components such as a credit card, phone card,
bank book, or subway ticket near your phone.
The magnetism of the phone may damage the
data stored in the magnetic strip.
Talking on your phone for a long period of time
may reduce call quality due to heat generated
during use.
When the phone is not used for a long period
time, store it in a safe place with the power cord
Using the phone in proximity to receiving
equipment (i.e., TV or radio) may cause
interference to the phone.
Do not use the phone if the antenna is
damaged. If a damaged antenna contacts skin,
it may cause a slight burn. Please contact an
LG Authorized Service Center to replace the
damaged antenna.