LG Electronics -P509 Cell Phone User Manual

NOTE: When you want to finish the game, use the
Home or Back Key. You will return to the Home
screen. You can also use the Menu Key of the game.
WARNING: To protect your phone and
personal data, download applications only from
trusted sources, such as Android Market™. If
some applications are not properly installed on
your phone, your phone may not work normally
or a serious error can occur. You will need to
uninstall those applications and all of its data and
settings from the phone.
Google Mail™
Google Mail™ is configured when you first first
access a Google application and sign into your
Google Account.
Depending on your synchronization settings, Google
Mail™ on your phone is automatically synchronized
with your Google Mail™ account on the web.
Press the Menu Key, then touch Refresh to send
or receive new emails and to synchronize your
emails with your Google Mail™ account on the web.
Pressing the Menu Key, you can compose an email,
view your Accounts, Go to labels, Search and More.